Monday, March 19, 2012

Who Says Vanity is a Sin?

At worst, venial. The vanity is in:

Hooray! We expect to finish this bathroom tomorrow, and then on to the master...


  1. Hi Lauren,
    I'm not sure if my comment went through but let me resend just in case it didn't. My husband and I just bought an Eichler in Palo Alto and are planning to update the bathrooms and kitchen. I love your vanity and tiles on this posting. Would you be willing to let me know their brand and model and where you bought them? Thanks again.

  2. Hello Nancy,

    This is Mark. Lauren's husband, product sourcer and (sometimes) blogmaster. We're glad you found our blog and are excited to share our findings with you!

    The vanity is Fresca Opulento in Gray Oak (#FVN8013GO). It comes with the faucets and mirrors. We got it online at But I see that, today, they have the unit for somewhat more than we paid for it, even after the super-secret discount (you add it to your cart). I'd recommend a web search to find out who has it best now. Note we got two vanities and the cabinets from the same site. I called them up to see if they would give us an extra discount and they knocked an additional five percent off the total.

    We got the tile from Tile Fantastic in San Jose. We worked with Jed. Lauren LOVED the "Xilo" tile from Italy, but the price was cost prohibitive. Jed asked if we were open to a "knockoff" of Xilo and showed us "Fibra" in color "Linen." It's a fraction of the price and looks great! I'd strongly recommend going to see Jed and the many lines of tile at TF. We got the 12x24 tiles. Note they have a "contractor" discount. If your contractor orders the tile, you may get as much as a 20% discount.

    Good luck, and let us know how your project goes!

    1. Will do! Your blog has been helpful in giving us ideas what we can do. And thank you again for the vanity and tile information!

      p.s. would you also be willing to tell us how much it cost you to remodel the kitchen and also each bathroom (either through this blog or privately via email)? Thanks!

  3. Steve,

    Certainly. Send an email to and we'll chat.


  4. Love the blog! Thanks for posting!